Local Investing Opportunities Network of Portland

LION:PDX connects “Citizen investors” with investment opportunities that strengthen the local economy.

Based on the successful Port Townsend, WA model, LION:PDX is a network of citizens who invest locally to support neighborhood businesses, catalyze job growth, cause a “Dollar-multiplier” effect of their investment (whereby a dollar kept within the community can be spent many times over within the community), and strengthen community relationships.

LION:PDX members are friends, neighbors, and “Portlanders.” They meet periodically to hear proposals from existing local businesses seeking financing. LION:PDX members make private arrangements with businesses they are interested in supporting. Typically these are simple loans (debt), although partial ownership stakes (equity) may also be possible. In all cases, the agreements are solely and directly between the individuals and local businesses; LION:PDX has no interest financially or otherwise in any investment. LION:PDX does not typically accept funding requests from start-ups.

If you’re a local business interested in borrowing money, visit this page.

If you’re a local resident interested in becoming a member-investor, visit this page.

To learn more about how LION:PDX works, visit this page.



LION:PDX is not an investment fund, group, or club. It is simply a network of individual investors who have come together to seek out local business investment opportunities. Members are not required to be “Accredited,” but must have a pre-existing relationship with another member in the group. This can be easily accomplished by attending one of our informational meetings. Additionally, business owners seeking funds must know at least one member who will serve as their sponsor before they can submit an investment opportunity. There is no marketing or advertising of investment opportunities outside of the network. LION:PDX does not review funding requests for their quality or accuracy and offers no guidance or recommendations about any investment opportunities. Investment opportunities presented to the LION:PDX community should not be considered endorsed or approved by LION:PDX or any of its members.